SV Pilgrim - 1979 Morgan 382 - Homeport: Beaufort, NC

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Yes and No

Yes  - we survived our encounter with Hurricane Arthur unscathed.

Pilgrim and her engine,covered up astern, are prepped for Arthur's arrival.
Other than an accumulation of fresh leaves and pine needles there was little evidence of Arthur's passing on Pilgrim.  Even the two tarps covering the engine remained in place through the storm.

Other parts of Jarrett Bay were not so fortunate.  The most dramatic evidence of the storm's passing was a demolished paint shed.  The canvas over frame shed was lifted off a sport fishing vessel and deposited as a twisted mess in the parking lot adjacent.
The tent is destroyed fortunately the vessel in the tent, background appears largely unharmed.

No –  I have not given up on Pilgrim’s refit or the blog.   The vast majority of my time over the past month has gone to electrical projects aboard Melina, a 60’ Bertram sport fishing vessel.
MV Melina resting at the dock along Core Creek
While sport fishing vessels are new territory, I am quite comfortable with marine electrical systems.  Melina’s bridge wiring was a mess born of years of modifications and “upgrades”.
Roy checking out the chaos that was Melina's bridge wiring.
Over the past month  I’ve - sorted out the bridge wiring; removed unnecessary lines; installed a new  12V battery bank for the bridge; installed a new Victron charger for the bridge batteries; rewired the 12 & the 24 volt panels in the bridge; organized the NMEA terminal block; installed a new wiring block for the Furuno electronics; rewired the pneumatic horn / whistle; and generally organized the chaos.
Bridge wiring overhaul complete.
I have managed to push along some Pilgrim projects over the past month and plan / hope to share more details as my work on Melina winds down.