SV Pilgrim - 1979 Morgan 382 - Homeport: Beaufort, NC

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Round One of Hull and Blister Repairs Complete

Like icing on a cake two coats of Interlux2000E mark the conclusion of the initial round of hull and blister repairs on Pilgrim.
Portside repairs are now sealed below 2 coats of grey Interlux2000E
Round one, you ask? 

The need to seal up old thru-hull sites initiated this round of hull repairs.  But since the grinder was in hand, I investigated all suspect areas. 

A poorly completed repair on the port side aft...
We did not discover this poorly completed repair until Pilgrim arrived in NC
Lead to some serious de-lamination

Portside aft damage and original engine raw water intake (below jack stand) ready for new cloth. 

That is now repaired
Portsde aft repairs complete!

Grinding out around the thru hulls in the head…
Grinding away hull material to fill thru-hull fittings in the head revealed hull damage.
Lead to the discovery of hull damage due to internal pressure from the head pan...
Portside forward repairs complete.
We have addressed this issue both inside and now outside the hull.

All visible signs of blisters on the hull…
Hairline cracks with moisture on hull are a sure sign of trouble.
were ground out and filled. The greatest concentration of visible blisters were along the port bow.
Blisters near the bow are now filled and coated.
And starboard aft under the cockpit
Starboard side, aft repairs complete.
Since this round of repairs addressed the most obvious areas of damage, we hope that removing the remaining  anti-fouling paint, in the fall when cooler temperatures prevail, will not reveal any surprises.

Our plan now is to split the remaining work on the hull into thirds.  The aft third of Pilgrim’s hull will likely be the first to receive attention as we plan to drop the rudder for modifications and to allow easier access for aligning the engine with the prop shaft.

The mid-section of the hull will be addressed when we seal up the bilge drain plug.

And the forward third will be addressed when we purchase and install a new depth transducer.

Back to the present, we are pleased with the results of our current efforts.
Looking forward along the midline of Pilgrim's hull.
Additional images and notes from this project can be found in our photo album... Hull Damage & Blister Repairs - 2014

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