SV Pilgrim - 1979 Morgan 382 - Homeport: Beaufort, NC

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Raw Water Strainers

Now that the new thru-hulls and seacocks are installed it is time to begin re-plumbing Pilgrim.  Since the engine raw water strainer needs to be installed as part of the ongoing quarter berth refit,  the strainers will serve as the starting point for interior plumbing.

Pilgrim now has two raw water intakes -  one for the engine coolant water and one for the house needs (galley sink, wash down, toilet).  Each raw water intake has a Perko Strainer to prevent foreign objects, (sea grass, bits of flotsam, small fish, etc. )  from entering systems aboard the boat.   The two strainers are identical and thus reduce the number of spare parts we need to carry on our travels.

The engine raw water seacock and strainer are now located on the starboard side under the quarterberth deck.  Relocating this system provides easier access to operate the seacock or to clean the strainer basket.

Engine raw water seacock and strainer, lower right, located to starboard under the quarterberth deck
To better align the strainer inlet with the seacock, I constructed a mounting bracket from scraps of starboard material.
Engine raw water strainer on mounting bracket
The bracket made the mounting of the strainer so much easier that I constructed a similar mount for the house raw water strainer.
The house raw water seacock, strainer, and syphon break.
The house raw water seacock, strainer, and syphon break are located on starboard in the wet locker forward of the nav station.  From here I plan to run a ¾” id hose to a raw water manifold located under the galley sink.

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