SV Pilgrim - 1979 Morgan 382 - Homeport: Beaufort, NC

Friday, July 11, 2014

New Thru-Hulls & Seacocks Installed – Almost...

Pilgrim’s new marelon thru-hulls and seacocks are installed! Well almost all…

The 3/4" flush thru-hull for head sink drain installed, but where is the 1 1/2" thru-hull for black water discharge? 
Due to poor communication between Anne inside the boat and myself outside the boat, we over tightened the 1 ½” black water discharge thru-hull.   Yes you can crack a marelon thru-hull fitting.  Fortunately we both heard a pop and removed the fitting to investigate.
Crack along inside face of outer flange.  Crack does not extend to opposite face of fitting.
The crack occurred on the inside face of the outer flange.  It does not extend all the way through the fitting, but we conservatively chose to purchase a new fitting.  No sense taking chances with a mission critical piece of hardware.  We have ordered a new thru-hull fitting.  Ironically this occurred after successfully installing four other fittings...

New 3/4" seacock for head sink drain is the only fitting remounted in it's original location.  Note filled holes from original fittings on left in image.

exterior view of new 1 1/2" galley sink drain thru-hull.  The site of the original thru-hull is near the center of the newly barrier coated (grey) rectangle.
External view of new 1 1/2" engine raw water intake located on starboard.
Seacock for engine raw water in-take is now located below quarter berth deck. 

The new 3/4" house raw water intake is located in the wet locker portside, forward of the nav station. 

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