SV Pilgrim - 1979 Morgan 382 - Homeport: Beaufort, NC

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Quarterberth No More (a.k.a. My Nav Station Backrest)

Pilgrim’s previous owners also found more value in devoting the quaterberth to storage.  They installed panels that serve as seatbacks for the nav station and doors for the quarterberth aft storage.  Here is an image from  Pilgrim’s listing on the internet that include the panels.

Image from Pilgrim's Listing with Nav Station Backrest Visible on left.

Re-installing the panels took a bit of creative shimming and some new cleats as I have reconfigured the hatches in the aft storage area deck and removed the headliner.
The two outermost panels are fixed.
To provide better natural lighting in the storage area, I painted the back of the panels white.  Since we intend to install the new electrical panel along the starboard hull, I also painted the front of the outboard panel white.
The two center panels are removable.
Two removable panels occupy the center section of the opening.
With all the panels installed the nav station has a nice, solid backrest.
With the panels in place we are now able to begin designing the housing for future electrical panel.  We plan to install the new panel  along the hull aft of the original nav station.
Future electrical panel will occupy the space along the hull between the existing nav station and the white, outboard panel.
For additional images and information check out our photo album - Quarterberth Refit - 2014

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