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Thursday, May 21, 2015

New Bulkhead In the Cockpit Locker

 The template of the cockpit locker hull I created a few months ago (here is a link - January 18, 2015) has proven very helpful.  I utilized it for shaping the ice box insulation and the new plywood bulkhead.

Attaching scrap 1" X 2" to template  to attain the proper fit for the new  bulkhead.

After building out the insulation, the template fit more accurately along the hull than along the top or vertical side.  I clamped and screwed pieces of scrap 1” X 2” lumber to the plywood template to accurately capture the outside dimensions of the new bulkhead.

Tracing the template onto the sheet of marine plywood.

Once satisfied with the fit, I clamped the template atop the plywood and marked out the new bulkhead.

I am amazed at what boat owners and contractors will leave behind or toss in boat yard dumpsters. We have used a lot of recycled and reclaimed materials in our refit, but, mission critical components (thru-hull fittings, standing rigging, backing plates, etc.)  require total confidence in the materials.  New, marine plywood for bulkheads definitely falls onto our required materials list.

Some projects require absolute confidence in the materials.

We anticipate one 4’ X 8’ sheet will allow us to complete all the new structural components of the cockpit locker cabinetry.   We will be posting more information on the changes to the cockpit locker in the near future.

Installing new bulkhead.

The new bulkhead fit precisely on the initial cut.  The top and side panels, from the same sheet of marine plywood were quick to follow.

Looking down thru cockpit locker access at new bulkhead assembly. 

Initially, I installed the three pieces with fillets of epoxy and #8 X 1” countersunk wood screws.  Once the epoxy fillets cured, I cut and test fit 1708 cloth tabbing.

Test fitting layers of 1708 cloth tabbing.

Wetting out and installing large sections of tabbing in cramped quarters is definitely a two person job. Anne joined in the fun.

Anne preparing to lay up tabbing on new bulkhead.

Structurally the bulkhead is now complete.

Two to three layers of tabbing on new bulkhead.

We got big plans for the rest of the cockpit locker.  Oh yeah and an ice box to finish up.

More images and notes from this on-going project are available in the Ice Box Rebuild Photo Album

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