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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fitting the Ice Box Aft Panel

Fortunately we are be able to re-use the original fore and aft panels of the ice box.  

Re-using the original ice box panels.  Aft panel on left and portion of forward panel on right.

Over a month ago, I laminated the fiberglass aft panel to one of ½” plywood sections we removed to gain access to the ice box. The ½” plywood backing stiffened and straitened the panel. 

The project is finally at a stage where I need to fit the aft panel to the new ice box.  Temporarily mounting the aft panel across the opening was accomplished via wood screws along the lower edge and creative stacking of my improvised clamps (Installing Ice Box Panels – Part 1)  along the upper starboard side.

Aft panel temporarily in position.

Reaching into the ice box from the galley, I used a pencil to trace the shape of the box onto the interior face of the panel.

Using a jigsaw I rough cut the excess material intentionally leaving the piece slightly over sized.  I then used a grinder with a 35 grit sanding pad to achieve a precise fit.  It took four trips between the hole and the workbench to achieve a snug fit.

After four trips between the grinder and the ice box, I am pleased with the fit.

The final panel of the new ice box is now in place… temporarily.   

Painting the interior of the box with two part epoxy paint will require at least 3 coats of primer and 3 top coats.  This means at least 4 rounds of sanding the inside of the box.  I’ve decided to paint the interior of the box with the aft panel removed.  After the painting is complete I will fiberglass the aft panel in place.  This will mean a second round of fillets, fairing, ad painting, but I will complete this work in conjunction with modifying the ice box lids. 

Wow.  It is really a box now.

I did take advantage of having an aft wall to create a template for the acrylic vertical divider.  The divider will separate the freezer section from the fridge section.  I believe the evaporator box will be mounted on the divider as well.

Template for 1/2" acrylic divider.

Next step is priming and painting… definitely not my favorite step in the process.

More images and notes from this on-going project as available in the Ice Box Rebuild Photo Album.

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