SV Pilgrim - 1979 Morgan 382 - Homeport: Beaufort, NC

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ice, Snow, nor Cold of Temps Shall Thwart Boat Projects

Ice building up on Pilgrim's Deck
It took a couple quarts of hot water to free the companionway slider, but once the heater is on inside Pilgrim I can continue to make progress despite the recent snow apocalypse that has struck the southern US.

I've created a couple of photo albums to document my progress on two fronts -

  1. Relocating the Battery Storage - When we took possession of SV Pilgrim the battery situation was a mess.  Both the house bank and the starter battery were located in a locker under the quarterberth.  All three batteries were DOA and at sometime in the past battery acid had leaked into the locker.
    Our plan is move the house bank, consisting of four 6 volt AGM batteries to a locker under the settee seat just forward of the galley.  This will place the weight of the house bank lower and more centerline in the vessel.   This locker will also afford the space to increase the size of the house bank if necessary.
    We will repair the locker under the quarter berth and use it to house the starter battery 
  2. Quarterberth Rehabilitation - We hold to be true the belief that the ideal boat Sleeps 2, Eats 4, and Drinks 6.  Thus we are dedicating Pilgrims quarterberth to storage and eliminating all the creature comforts associated with a berth (e.g. cushions, headliner, shelving, opening port, etc.)  Pilgrim will retain berths for 5 - a vee berth forward, a sea berth along the starboard salon, and the settee converts to a double.   We are unsure of the final layout of the quarterberth so please follow along... 

Soon these two projects will involve fiberglassing and painting so I need the the temperatures warm up, but the snow continues to accumulate on deck.

Snow accumulation on Pilgrim's deck

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  1. You're a brave brave man...

    S/V Kintala