SV Pilgrim - 1979 Morgan 382 - Homeport: Beaufort, NC

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Oh South Florida Winters How I Miss Thee

A very dirty SV Pilgrim hanging in the slings.

Thursday - Pilgrim is blocked in the yard.  The obvious starting point is to wash 800 miles of road grime and highway salt off the deck & hull.  Unfortunately temperature in Beaufort are predicted to remain below freezing for the next 36 hours.

Friday - Enthusiasm for initiating boat projects pushed me below decks.  With a portable electric heater in the salon, Pilgrim’s cabin quickly warmed.   I used the guise of cleaning to thoroughly examine the interior finish and systems.   Through December and much of January, while pining for Pilgrim’s arrival in NC, I spent hours combing through the Morgan 38Owners Board.  Now aboard Pilgrim, the abstract conversations on head plumbing, battery location, configuration of the anchor locker, fuel systems, etc.  all crystallized into actionable projects.  Where to begin?

Saturday –  Anticipating ice choked deck and cockpit drains I arrived at the yard armed with four quart bottles, a thermos, and one mason jar of hot water in nestled in a soft sided cooler.  By late morning snow melt from Pilgrim’s cockpit was pooling up atop the drains.  Time for action.  Like hands across the face of a clock I rotated from starboard deck drain to starboard cockpit drain to port cockpit drain, to port deck drain, and around again.  Each lap I poured on another shot of warm water onto and eventually into the drains.  The starboard side deck drain was the last to clear- likely due to shading. Donning foul weather bibs and jacket, I set about scrubbing from decks to waterline.  The bottom paint, destined to be removed, simple received a through rinse.

I knew winter in Beaufort, NC would be colder than Everglades City, FL, but I never anticipated multiple days of freezing temps.

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