SV Pilgrim - 1979 Morgan 382 - Homeport: Beaufort, NC

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Silent, but Not Idle

Hello out there, I know it’s been awhile since my last post to Pilgrim’s log. I’m not going to attempt to justify or explain my long silence, don’t know if I could.

The silence is not been due to a lack of projects. Although the majority of my project time has been devoted to contract work on other vessels…

Wrapping up a 12 month electrical system rebuild on a Scepter 41

SV Renown 1

And the completion of a 30 month total refit of a early 1980’s custom Brit Chance designed 55’ Sloop


Test Sailing Archer

All work and no adventure would certainly a sad Jeff make. Fortunately the opportunity to crew aboard SV Sojoklade for the Beaufort, NC to Miami, FL leg of Rolf’s trip south materialized in late January. While a bit cooler than preferable the opportunity to travel aboard a 1982 M382 and make new friends was irresistible.

Florida Sunrise along the ICW

Here is a photo album from the trip: Beaufort to Miami Aboard SV Sjokolade - Winter 2016 The opportunity to sail and live aboard an M383 nearly identical to Pilgrim reinforced my belief that we made a good choice of vessel.

We have continued to make progress on Pilgrim’s electrical system, nav station refit, and the rudder modifications. I plan to pen individual updates on our progress in each arena. If you cannot wait, then check out our photo albums for each project.

Nav Station Re-fit

Re-Wiring Pilgrim

Rudder Repairs & Modifications

The albums are in chronological order so new photos appear at the end of the album.

Oh, and did I mention LovettDesigns? No website yet, but I did purchase the domain. I do have a Facebook Page for the business... LovettDesigns Facebook Page. I am now selling some of my fabric and sewing creations as well as offering my services for custom designs and fabrication. My initial retail offering is indoor / outdoor placemats.

New designs and products are coming soon...

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  1. boat looks good in full sail.

    last picture... portable water bowl for pets? Looks like a good space saving idea.