SV Pilgrim - 1979 Morgan 382 - Homeport: Beaufort, NC

Sunday, August 23, 2015

New Companionway Drop Boards

Rare is the boat project that can be completed in a single afternoon. 

Pilgrim's tired, teak drop boards.
Pilgrim arrived in Beaufort with three teak companionway drop boards.  The existing teak drop boards are both too thin, between ½” and 5/8”, and too short.  Due to the inadequate size, the boards would bind up unless extreme caution was employed when removing or installing them.

The solution?  Two new ¾” thick King Starboard drop boards.  Since the Starboard does not require painting or varnishing, the project fit neatly into a couple hours…
  • Lay out the proper dimensions.
  • Rough cut the Starboard with a circular saw.
  • Using a router, create a rabbit joint between the upper and lower boards.  Set up the joint to shunt water outside the boat.
  • Using flush trim and round over bits in the router, finish the edges of the boards.
  • Install the hasp.

Pilgrim's new Starboard drop boards.

The new boards slide easily in and out of position.  Unlike the top of the slider or the exterior companionway step pictured above, the new drop boards will never require refinishing. 

We plan to replace all the exterior teak in the image above… in due time.


  1. Jeff, if you haven't already launched Pilgrim and are out somewhere where you can't read this, I have a question about your sliding hatch.

    I'm still addressing a leak in Arrrgh-O's sliding hatch. My ('79 382) hatch has a piece of tinted automotive safety glass where your hatch has teak strips.

    Do you have a picture of the underside of your sliding hatch?

    I'm have looked at one 384 and it is flat (no lip to accommodate glass or teak) both top and bottom.

    Steve Cundy

  2. Steve, Pilgrim is still on the hard. I do not have an image of the underside of the slider, but can take one for you. It does not have a lip. My plan is to remove the teak strips and install a white plexi-glass panel in the center. I have not yet worked out the details of this modification. Will certainly post a write up here when I tackle the job.