SV Pilgrim - 1979 Morgan 382 - Homeport: Beaufort, NC

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Cockpit Locker Engine Access Panels

One of the primary issues with Pilgrim’s original cockpit locker cabinetry is that it did not provide for easy access to the engine compartment.

Pilgrim's cockpit locker with floor removed circa February 2014.
Red handled pump, upper left, services ice box.
Circular object on upper right is engine raw water strainer.

The panel between the locker and the engine compartment was thru-bolted to the side wall of the cockpit foot well.  The floor of the locker was then mechanically fastened to a nail strip along the vertical panel.  Thus to access the engine compartment the locker floor had to be unscrewed from the nail strip.  Then the vertical panel had to be un-bolted from the cockpit wall.

Our new cabinetry allows for easy access to the engine compartment via two removable panels.

Two removable panels provide easy & nearly unrestricted access to engine compartment.

The panels are ½” marine plywood with teak trim on the locker side.  They are held in place by the lip of the floor at the bottom and by 4 sliding latches at the top.

Four slide latches across the top secure the panels in place.

Despite the upper panel being tabbed to the hull, we did leave three of the original thru-bolts in place.  On these we installed stainless steel ring-nuts to provide attachment points for yet unknown gear.

The engine compartment side of the new cabinetry is still a work in progress.

1” thick sound proofing panels will be installed on the engine side of the two panels.

The original engine raw water thru-hull and strainer are visible in the first image of this post.  Last summer we relocated this system to the starboard side under the quarterberth deck.

Modifications to the quarter berth layout includes the installation of the engine raw water thru hull and strainer, lower right.  The new location provides much easier access and places the intake lower on the hull.

For more images and notes on changes to the quaterberth check out our Quarterberth Refit Photo Album.

Next up we plan to install the lower and middle bilge pump discharge hoses & syphon breaks in the cockpit locker.

More images and notes from this on-going project are available in the Cockpit Locker Refit Photo Album

The new Google Photos Application is wreaking havoc on our existing photo albums.  If anyone discovers a dead link, multiples of the same image, or other issues with our on-line albums, then please leave a comment.  Thanks.

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