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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Practice Makes Perfect

The ice box project continues to progress.    My foam shaping abilities are improving and my pace is increasing.  While not yet perfect, practice is paying off.
Two layers of 1" foam board on the ice box walls.

Thus far we are still using re-claimed foam board, but the well is beginning to run dry.

As I completed the second layer of 1” foam board on the forward and mid-ship walls the new insulation lie just inside the fiberglass lip left over from the original ice box construction.
New foam insulation meets the  fiberglass lip left from the old ice box.

I elected to install another round of Reflectix to bring the new insulation flush with the fiberglass lip.
Another layer of Reflectix brought the new insulation nearly flush with the inside of the original ice box.

Along the hull, I continue to use smaller panels of foam board in an attempt to maintain the curve of the hull.  Foil tape covers the butt joints between the pieces of foam board.
Progress along the hull - foam is now 3" thick.
I have also run a ½” id hose for the ice box drain.  The hose will lead to a “T” valve in the galley. The valve will allow us to use one foot pump to either drain the ice box into the sink or pump salt water into the sink. We had the same set up on C’est la Vie and were very pleased with the system.

We are planning to go install 4” to 5” of foam so there is more foam to cut…

More images and notes from this on-going project as available in the Ice Box Rebuild Photo Album.

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