SV Pilgrim - 1979 Morgan 382 - Homeport: Beaufort, NC

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Celebrating the Completion of Major Modifications in the Head

With the black water plumbing complete, we focused on the remaining projects in the head. 

The pump for the saltwater deck wash down was installed in the cabinet behind the toilet.
The wash down pump is mounted in the locker outboard of the toilet.
 I fabricated a junction box for the future mast wiring.
Junction box for mast wiring includes a positive terminal block and the ground bus.
The junction box is mounted under the sink in the head.
Mast wiring junction box mounted under sink.
The macerator also utilizes junction box. 

Six months after I cut open the wall under the head counter...
Late February, just prior to the initial cut.  The original access to area under the counter in the head was ridiculously small. 
 we closed up a portion of the cut out with a removable access panel and left a large opening for accessing plumbing valves under the sink.
The opening to access plumbing below the sink is now appropriately sized.  A sunbrella cover that snaps over the opening is in the works.  
We used a large section of white acrylic to fill the opening just aft of the toilet.  The original toilet paper holder is mounted in this panel.  The access under the sink is now much larger.  We plan to create a Sunbrella cover that snaps into place for the opening under the sink.  The trim around the area is fabricated out of starboard. 

The switch for the shower sump pump remains in its original position just below the countertop trim, aft of the toilet.  I installed a switch for the new macerator pump in the original holding tank indicator panel located alongside the switch for the shower sump.  These switches are visible in the images above and below.
Teak cabinet door, salvaged from our M34, mounted outboard of the toilet.
The opening I cut outboard of the toilet is covered by a teak cabinet door.   This hinged door allows for easy access to the wash down pump and access to additional storage.

The head is far from complete, but the essential systems are now in place. The remaining project list includes…
  • Installing an access port under the shower seat
  • Installing an access port for the shower facet plumbing
  • Installing a solar vent fan or small hatch for increased ventilation.
  • Installing the medicine cabinet / mirror over the countertop
  • Installing LED lighting
  • Fabricating a storage shelf outboard and above the shower faucet
  • Converting the old clothes hamper cut out in the countertop to a storage bin
  • Sewing a shower curtain.
  • Sewing a cover for the opening under the sink

Yes the list is still long, but for now we are celebrating our current accomplishments.

Images of past and ongoing work in the head can be found in our Head Refit Photo Album.

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