SV Pilgrim - 1979 Morgan 382 - Homeport: Beaufort, NC

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Paint in Lieu of Headliner - The Port Side Story

Over the past few days painting the interior of the side decks in lieu of the headliner has migrated to the port salon and back into the galley.

The effort began with the removal of the cap shroud chainplate from the bulkhead
Port chain plates - Fore ground: aft lower tang.  Background: Cap shroud chainplate removed from bulkhead.

New we removed the aft lower chainplate …not so fast…  When we began to remove the lower, interior tang portion of aft chain plate I noticed  the surrounding deck sink by  1/8” to 3/16”.  The bulkheads and the cabinets along the port side neither touch nor are tabbed to the deck above.  It appears the two chainplates support the side deck. 

My solution…  Add sections of tabbing between the bulkhead and the underside of the deck to each side of the cap shroud chainplate.  Plus, add a long strip of tabbing along the entire length of the joint between the top of the port salon cabinetry and the underside of the deck.   To prep for the new tabbing I ground down the surfaces, added a series of #8 counter sink screws to the veneer along the bulkhead, and masked off the surrounding area to minimize the mess.
Ready to install new tabbing.  The tang for the aft lower was left in place to support the deck at the proper height.
Masking over the entire face of the cabinets proved to be a worthy endeavor as the long strip above the cabinets was tricky to install. 
A section of 1708 cloth applied on either side of cap shroud chainplate and 6" wide two strips of lighter cloth run the length of the cabinet face.
The new tabbing successfully supported the side deck with both chainplates removed. 

While set up to work with epoxy in the salon, I also filled holes from old fixtures and faired in some gouged areas along the forward salon bulkhead.
Taped off sections of bulkhead in preparation for epoxy filler

Sanding down epoxy filler - a messy job in the cabin.

prep work complete - taped and ready for the first coat of primer.
 90% of successful paint jobs is the prep work.   We applied two coats of primer and two coats of paint.  Below are the results…

Port salon bulkhead freshly painted.
Looking aft along port side of salon.  Note new tabbing between underside of deck and masked cabinet face.
Looking aft along port side of salon after painting.  Plan to install trim along both sides painted surface.
Interior of side decks in galley ready for the first coat of primer.
Fresh paint in galley.  Plan to add a section of trim between the painted surface and the cabinet face.

Looking forward from galley at newly painted bulkheads.

For more images and notes about work in the salon check out our - Salon Refit Photo Album.

For more images and notes about work in the galley check out our - Galley Refit Photo Album.

I still plan to pen a post sharing our experiences removing, servicing, and re-bedding the chainplates - stay tuned.

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