SV Pilgrim - 1979 Morgan 382 - Homeport: Beaufort, NC

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Four Out of Five Seacock Pads Install Easily (Replacing Thru Hulls and Seacocks – Part 3)

Seacock pads for the four mushroom (button) style thru hull fittings are now epoxied to Pilgrim’s hull.

Seacock pad for galley sink drain 

The installation started by drilling a ¼” hole in the center of each pad. The ¼” hole matches the diameter of the hole saw arbor bit that will later be used to cut the larger hole in the hull and pad.   I then placed each pad on the hull in it’s desired location; used an awl to mark the location of the ¼” center hole on the hull; and then drilled a ¼” hole in the hull.
Seacock pad for engine raw water intake now located under quarterberth.
Inserting a ¼” bolt thru both the hole in the pad and the corresponding hole in the hull ensured the pads remained properly aligned while the epoxy cured.
Seacock pad for raw water intake located in wet locker opposite galley
I coated the underside of each pad with a 3/8” to ½” of West epoxy thickened with a combination of 404 & 406 fillers.  When setting the pads onto the hull I ensured a healthy bead of thickened epoxy squished out around the entire perimeter of the pad.
Seacock pad for blackwater discharge located under head sink.  Hole up and right of new green pad is the original recessed fitting for the head sink drain.

The single remaining pad will be installed atop the existing recessed fitting in the head.  The installation of the pad for the recessed thru hull is a bit more complex and deserves it’s own post.

Additional Images can be found in our Re-Plumbing Pilgrim Photo Album.


  1. Well done; are you using seacocks with bolted flanges?

    1. Yes. We are installing two 3/4" and three 1 1/2" marelon seacocks with flanges. Will post images of the installed seacocks when complete.