SV Pilgrim - 1979 Morgan 382 - Homeport: Beaufort, NC

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Purge Is Nearly Complete

Pilgrim arrived in Beaufort a little over one month ago.  Despite three winter storms and a bout with the flu, we are now the cusp of purging all the old plumbing,  through hull fittings, transducers, wiring, and much, much more.

Using a chisel to remove the plywood pad under on of the defunct transducer through hull fittings.
Over the past month we have stripped out all Pilgrim’s plumbing from the galley faucet to the through hull fittings.   We have discovered two critical systems near failure in the plumbing systems (see Justification for Removing All the ThroughHulls & Plumbing). 

Nav Station with electrical panel and all wiring removed.
We have also removed most of the electrical system from the breaker panel to the brass light fixtures to the battery banks.

Wiring and plumbing in the bilge.  This in now all gone.
We found some very creative use of wire nuts and silicone for DC wiring in the bilge and pulled three, non-functional transducers from the hull.

Surprise! 2 to 4 inch void behind the cabinetry under the pilot berth.
We have also discovered vast amounts of hidden storage spaces.  It seems that Morgan fabricated much of the cabinetry for the 382’s in the wood shop then affixed it  to the vessel  prior to installing the deck.  For this manner of construction to work efficiently the cabinetry had to drop in place one ready for install.  Thus there is a great many voids behind interior installations such as the galley counters, the quaterberth headliner, the pilot berth bunk, and the head pan.  Where possible we are modifying existing interior structure to allow us access to the additional space.

Pile of old hoses and lumber pulled from Pilgrim.
Meanwhile the pile of scrap material is piling up under Pilgrim.

Hopefully our next post will highlight us beginning the rebuilding phase of Pilgrim's refit.


  1. Jeff,
    Thank you for documenting and posting this info!

    - Steve Cundy, s/v Arrrgh-O, 1979 M382 #119

  2. Steve, Thanks for the encouragement. Pilgrim is only 4 hulls older than Arrrgh-O. How long have you owned Arrrgh-O? Have you done much in the way of refit and/or repairs?